Sports Officiating: A Legal Guide
the comprehensive guide for officiating leaders, administrators and active sports officials.

Considered the foremost authority on the legal issues of sports officiating, author Alan Goldberger provides the reader with easy-to-understand insights and advice. He presents current rulings, precedents and the principles that should guide every officiating program.

Topics covered include:

Post-game reports and mechanics
  • Handling the media
  • Incident reports
  • Ejection reports

Steps to take to avoid litigation
  • Steering clear of legal negligence
  • 'Reasonable conduct' explained

What to do if you or one of your officials is sued
  • Finding an attorney
  • The legal process clarified
  • Civil vs. criminal cases explained

Independent contractor vs. employee issues
  • Tax implications
  • Liability concerns
  • Payment practices
  • 'Hiring' and 'firing' of officials

Injury situations
  • When an official is injured
  • Importance of blood-related rules

What to do if an official is assaulted
  • The importance of reporting an assault
  • Gathering witnesses

Sports Officiating: A Legal Guide includes specific coverage of 10 sports: baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, volleyball and wrestling.

Topics covered include:

Officials' duties
  • Pregame inspections and meetings
  • When jurisdiction begins and ends
  • Weather situations

Sportsmanship issues
  • Ejections and warnings

Uniforms and equipment
  • What’s legal?
  • Artificial limbs

Sports Officiating: A Legal Guide spells out in simple terms officials’ duties before, during and after games. The advice will keep officials on the field or court and out of the courtroom.

Size 7” x 10”, 320 Pages

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