2018 Fall Seminar

80th President of IAABO

Willie ‘LA’ Jones, Bd. 12 DC, was elected as the 80th President of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc. (IAABO), on Sunday, April 22, 2018 in Ocean City, Maryland. Click here to read his inauguration speech.

IAABO Foundation Raffle Winner

The winner of the IAABO Foundation Car Raffle was Carl Stevens, Stratford, CT pictured here with Bill Varno. Click here to view a video of the raffle drawing.

Interested in Becoming a Basketball Official?

Interested in becoming an IAABO basketball official?
Find out about the local board in your area. IAABO Boards are groups of officials who meet periodically to discuss rules, mechanics and philosophy.
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Lou Levine leads charge for Officials vs. Cancer


Special Pre-Season Advisory for ALL IAABO Officials
Student/Atheletes/Coach National Anthem Postures

As preparations for a new season are underway, sports officials are dealing with many challenges, some familiar, some new.  All require IAABO Boards and officials to pay special attention to several areas where legal exposures are present; and where legal rights need to be asserted by officials.  All officials should bear in mind that incorrect handling of the situations discussed below can result in significant legal and personal consequences. Please request that local boards review each of the following five areas of concern with all officials prior to the beginning of the season. If there are remaining questions, please contact the IAABO office.

1.         Student-Athlete/Coach National Anthem Postures.

Media reports from various areas have recounted several instances where high school game officials have reacted publicly to student-athletes and/or coaches kneeling in silent protest during the playing of the national anthem before a game. This fall, it was reported that two officials, at a pre-match meeting with coaches threatened to disqualify any players who did not demonstrate respect for the American flag or the national anthem.  In another instance, an official observed a player kneeling during the anthem and proceeded to advise a coach that he was leaving the gym. In yet another game, after witnessing players kneeling during the anthem two officials left the field, leaving the 3 remaining officials, — allegedly not without verbalizing his objection to kneeling players and their coach.  After the game, the media reported that the coach claimed that, before the game the Referee requested — on behalf of the officiating crew — that any player who might kneel remain in the locker room “to avoid any problems.”  After the game, one of the departed officials eagerly gave media interviews where he was reported to have said the chain officials who were called off the sidelines to replace the two officials “…weren’t officially trained,’” and added that if the kneeling players “weren’t happy in the U.S., they should leave the country.” ............Click here to review the remainder of the advisory.

Crowley reflects on legendary officiating career

For 35 years, Mickey Crowley ran up and down the basketball court as a referee, officiating in some of the biggest college basketball games in the country. Click here to read story.

Referee Blows Whistle on Cancer

Click here to read and view a segment on IAABO Board 114 member Hank Boldrin, Sr.
IAABO Slides
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IAABO Hits Target - $1,000,000.00

Officials vs. Cancer was started in 2008 and supports the American Cancer Society. All monies that are donated are tracked, process through the American Cancer Society (ACS) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and then returned to the local ACS offices for the areas from which the donations were made. Since the inception of the program, over $1,000,000.00 has been donated to the American Cancer Society. Click on the Paypal icon to make a donation.

2017 2018 NFHS Rules Changes

Click here to review the NFHS rules changes for the 2017 2018 season.

New England Sports Network Features Board 44's Lou Levine

Referee Magazine Offers Special to IAABO Members

IAABO and Referee are partners in producing, distributing and marketing a variety of educational resources and for basketball officials. Now, IAABO and Referee Magazine are teaming up together again to provide a new benefit exclusively for IAABO members. A year's subscription to Referee Magazine normally costs $46.95. IAABO members exclusively subscribe for just $24.95. that's nearly a 59% savings. Click here to save now. Please note that no refunds can be issued for existing subscriptions, but you can renew at the IAABO price, and it will extend your existing subscription. Also, if you are a NASO member, when you renew your NASO membership, go to www.naso.org/IAABO and immediately receive $10 off your membership

90th Anniversary Book

Click here to view the IAABO 90th anniversary book celebrating IAABO's 90th year with a historical prospectus spanning many decades of the organization


Click here to watch an interview by a local news station in Connecticut with Peter Palermino, IAABO Board No. 6, Interpreter, related to the new rules and their enforcement for 2014/15.

Recruiting Brochure

Click here to view and print the IAABO Recruiting Brochure.

Concussion Guidelines for IAABO Officials

The NHFS rules governing removal/return-to-play of a player who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with concussion continue in effect for the upcoming season. These rules and Suggested Guidelines for Management ...Click here to go to ZebraWeb – IAABO Resource Center to review the guidelines


Click here to observe a promotional video clip of the new IAABO Crew of Three Mechanics video. To purchase the video, please contact the IAABO Office by calling 1.717.713.8129.

Sports Officiating: A Legal Guide - " the comprehensive guide for officiating leaders, administrators and active sports officials"

Considered the foremost authority on the legal issues of sports officiating, author Alan Goldberger provides the reader with easy-to-understand insights and advice. He presents current rulings, precedents and the principles that should guide every officiating program. Click here for more details